A 50% deposit is required within 48 hours of receiving this invoice to secure your booking.

A levy of R250.00 per extra person per night will be added if the quote was done for a specified number of guests and more guests are added (maximum capacity 8 guests). This does not equate to adding any of the chalets.

Cancelation Terms & Refunds:

No show or cancellation within 14 days of stay –  No refund due.
Cancellation between 15 and 30 days before stay – 25% of the deposit will be refunded.
Cancellation between 60 and 30 days before stay– 50% of the deposit will be refunded
Cancellation more than 60 days before stay – full refund.

Admin fee of R100 will be payable.

Refundable Breakage Deposit (after departure) –  The Refundable Breakage Deposit will be refunded within 7 days of your departure less any breakages and damages that might have occurred.

Refundable Breakage Deposit (after departure and if vehicle is rented) – The Refundable Breakage Deposit will be refunded after 10 working days of your departure less any breakages and damages that might have occurred.

Guest Policies, Terms & Conditions For The Rental of Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732)

Warthog Lodge. – (hereinafter “we”) and the Renting Party (hereinafter “you”) agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

Responsible Party – All fees, charges, and applicable taxes associated with the property rental are the responsibility of the renting party. Bookings for matric vacation celebrations, vacationing student groups, school children or parties are not allowed under any circumstances. Reservations made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all deposits and rent and your occupancy will be terminated.

Booking Confirmation & Rental Payment – Reservations booked 45 days or more in advance of the rental start date are confirmed when one half of the total rental fee is received; the remaining balance is due 30 days before occupancy. Reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date are confirmed on receipt of the entire rental fee, security deposit or optional waiver and any additional charges related to your rental. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, or Direct Bank Transfer.

Cancelation Policy – Prepaid rent and associated fees are not refunded in the event you vacate the premises prior to the scheduled date of departure.

Because unexpected events can impact your travel plans, we recommend that you protect your vacation investment by purchasing travel insurance. 

On rare occasion, Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) may become unavailable due to unanticipated conditions beyond our control. We accept no liability for such an occurrence, financial or otherwise, but will make every effort to provide you with equal accommodation at the same rental rate. If we are unable to do so, or if you do not accept a provided alternative, the unused rental fees and charges will be refunded.

Pricing – Reservations are confirmed at the rates in effect on the date the booking is made. We reserve the right to correct oversights, omissions, and clerical errors. In the event an adjustment of this nature increases the cost of your booking, you will be given the option to accept the revised reservation or terminate it with no penalty.

Property Use & Responsibility – You become responsible for the security of Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and all of its contents upon check-in, and remain responsible until you vacate and complete the check-out at the conclusion of your stay. Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) is inspected and its contents inventoried prior to each guest arrival. You are financially responsible for any and all losses or damage due to your occupancy and while in your possession.

 Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) is to be used as a personal holiday rental residence only. You shall not assign or sublet said premises or any part thereof. You agree to abide by all local rules and regulations and all Mabalingwe Nature Reserve covenants or conditions pertaining to this rental unit. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations shall be cause for our termination of this agreement.

Rental of Game Viewing Vehicle – The Game Viewing Vehicle can only be driven by a licensed driver over the age of 25. The vehicle is not allowed on any of the 4 x 4 routes (marked in red on the game viewing map) as well as any of the other routes marked in red on the game viewing map. The vehicle is not allowed outside the Reserve. The vehicle is strictly for the use of the tenants of Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) only. Separate vehicle rental forms will be sent when booking the vehicle.

As per Reserve rules, no more than 12 people in vehicle including driver and children on laps.

It is your responsibility to report any obvious flaws prior to your first drive. You can send a Whats App listing the flaws and it can be accompanied with photographs as well.

Failure to adhere to the rules will result in the loss of the full breakage deposit. Any additional costs like towing costs and any damage of any sort will also be for your own account.

Refundable Breakage Deposit – You are required to provide a security deposit that will be retained until our staff has completed an inventory and inspection of the premises following your vacancy of Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732). Should they find Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) excessively dirty or notate that items are missing or damaged, the cost of additional cleaning hours and/or the cost of repair or replacement of the homeowner's property will be deducted from your deposit. The remainder of your deposit that is not applied to these expenses will be refunded to you within 10 days following your departure from the premises providing all other financial obligations have been met. You remain responsible for, and will be charged for, the cost of any damage, repair, or replacement in excess of the security deposit, including any invoice associated with your occupancy that is subsequently presented.

Occupancy Limitations – Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) has specific occupancy limits and rules of conduct which must be strictly enforced. The number of adults and children that will occupy Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) must be stated at the time of booking. Property lines, privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of neighbors must be respected at all times, with “quiet hours” observed between 10 PM and 10 AMt. Increased occupancy, vehicle traffic, excessive noise, or illegal activity, will result in eviction, and the forfeiture of all prepaid rentals.

Inviting of day visitors – A levy of R100.00 per day visitor per day will be added if day visitors are planning to visit Warthog Lodge. Day visitors will be required to sign a Day Visitor Indemnity Form.

Housekeeping – Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) is thoroughly cleaned between guests. This will be charged separately as an After Clean fee. If you wish more frequent cleaning, additional housekeeping may be scheduled for an additional charge.

Excessively littered and/or dirty conditions at check-out will result in extended housekeeping hours, and will be charged to your security deposit, or, if none tendered, to the credit card used to pay for your occupancy. Should it be necessary to clean carpets, remove stains, repaint, repair finishes, or replace furnishings, textiles, or house wares, you will be charged for labor, materials, and merchandise, plus a 20% service and handling fee.

You are responsible for the proper use and operation of all appliances and fixtures within Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and to keep the same in a clean condition. You are responsible for, and will be charged for, any repair or replacement expense that results from failure to comply with these stipulations. You are responsible for, and will be charged for, any elimination of drain blockages caused by improper use of plumbing fixtures.

Cutlery and Crockery – Not allowed to be taken off the premises. If it is taken on a game drive make sure it is all returned to its place in the kitchen. I have had to implement this rule as I have had guests booking other houses as well and then I end up with an odd mix of cutlery and crockery.

Flying of Drones – Strictly prohibited.

 No Smoking – Smoking in Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) is prohibited. If tobacco odor is noted on check out, a R1000 penalty charge will apply in addition to additional cleaning and fumigation costs. Smoking is only allowed outside and all cigarette butts have to be properly disposed of and not just thrown around.

No Pets – No pets or domestic animals will be allowed on the Reserve.

Children Are Welcome – Young children must be under the supervision of their parents at all times.

Parking – Parking available for no more than 3 vehicles.

Environmental Precautions – Renters are advised that Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) has, or are in proximity to, structural or environmental circumstances that could pose physical hazards. These may include, but are not limited to, rocky terrain, jacuzzi’s, swimming pools, steep slopes, cliffs, interior and exterior stairways, terraces and decks, slippery conditions, fireplaces, sharp objects, noxious plants, insects and wild animals. We request that you ask our reservation department about specific hazards prior to booking. Do not book Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) if you believe there may be a condition that poses unusual risk to any member of your party. You hereby release the owner and the rental agency from all personal safety risks and liability associated with Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and Mabalingwe Nature Reserve.

Property Suitability – Review all property amenities, specifications and unique characteristics, including environmental conditions, to verify that Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) will be suitable prior to booking. Private homes may be constructed with unusual features, limited accessibility, or be sited amidst potentially dangerous conditions. Guests with mobility challenges or those traveling with children are specifically advised to discuss concerns or requirements with our reservation department as you will not be able to change homes upon arrival.

Amenities – Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) is furnished with towels, bed linens, and a small supply of paper products and soap. Please review the additional amenities provided in Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and contact us for additional details or assistance to make your stay more comfortable.

Check-in – You may check in any time after 2 PM on the date of arrival. Key access, driving directions, emergency contacts, and check-out information is provided either prior to your arrival via e-mail or upon arrival.

Following check-in, it is essential that you notify us promptly if anything seems amiss at the home. Also, it is important that you review the information binder provided in each home, as it contains important property details, operating instructions, emergency procedures, and an inventory of contents. DO NOT operate jacuzzi’s, televisions, or electronic devices until you have reviewed the associated instructions. Improper operation may impair performance or reception and result in a chargeable service call.

Check-out – On your check-out day, the premises must be vacated by 10 AM unless a later check-out has been pre-approved (a charge does apply). All rubbish is to be bagged and placed in a provided tamper-proof can or other designated containment area. Please place dirty dishes in the dishwasher and return any moved furniture to its original location before you leave.

Hold Over - If you cause an unauthorized hold over of your rental unit, you will be charged one and one-half times the daily prorated rent, plus any additional damages incurred including, but not limited to, the cost of alternative housing for an incoming guest displaced by such hold over.

Personal Property - All personal property you bring to Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and Mabalingwe Nature Reserve shall be your responsibility and we are not liable for any damage to or loss of such property. We are not responsible for any personal items left at Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) or Mabalingwe Nature Reserve upon vacating and such items can only be returned by shipment at your expense.

Key Return – If all provided keys are not returned at check-out, concerns for property security make it necessary for us to immediately re-key Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732). You will be charged for the cost of this emergency service. You agree to not duplicate keys provided, or to change locks at any time.

Right of Access - You will allow the Owner, us, or our vendor access to the unit for inspections and/or repairs with a two hour notice. In the event of an emergency we or the unit owner has the right to enter the unit without notice for the purpose of emergency repairs.

Hold Harmless – Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and Mabalingwe Nature Reserve assumes no liability for loss, damage, or injury to guests or their personal property. You hereby fully release and discharge Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and Mabalingwe Nature Reserve from all claims, damages, or causes of action by reason of any injury or other cause, and hold Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) and Mabalingwe Nature Reserve free and harmless of any claim or suit arising from you or any other guest in connection with the occupancy of the premises or driving or being a passenger on the game viewing vehicle. We accept no liability for stoppages of transportation, utility services, inclement weather conditions, or natural disasters that may occur before, after, or during the rental period, nor can we be responsible for any other conditions beyond our control. These conditions include, but are not limited to, appliance or mechanical failure, cable/satellite TV, loss of Internet access if provided, or any other such event.

If any provision of this agreement is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision of this agreement.

All guests staying at Warthog Lodge (Itaga 732) are required to fill in and sign an indemnity form. Parents of underage children must fill in and sign these forms on their behalf.